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The After KG series was inspired by Karl Gerstner’s Carro Pictures. Initially, I coded an application in Processing to generate two-dimensional grids of squares. The after kg application uses a number of input parameters to animate the grid. This allows me to compare how variations in hue, saturation, brightness, scale, sequence, speed, number, symmetry and displacement effect the resulting animation. The application enables me to discover images and animations that exhibit a higher level of complexity than would be practical to create with other techniques. These animations foreground the time dimension inherent in Gerstner’s Carro Pictures.

Ground Floor Workshop

Fundamental Region #23

Fundamental Region #23

After KG #71 (Excerpt)

After KG #70 (Excerpt)

After KG #69 (Excerpt)

After KG #68 (Excerpt)

After KG #67 (Excerpt)

After KG #66 (Excerpt)

After KG #64

After KG #62